The Importance of Media Literacy in the Age of “Fake News”

Donna Vandiver, President & CEO

Laura Vandiver, VP of Research & Strategic Insight

Long before there was “fake news”, there was disinformation, propaganda and censorship. Many Americans are able to evaluate and decide if something they are reading is real or not, but many also have difficulty discerning “fake” news from actual, factual information, especially when false stories can be shared in an instant across the globe via social media channels. Read more

As Parents, We Are Sometimes Overwhelmed By What Our Kids Accomplish

Donna Vandiver, President & CEO


There are fewer things in life that give parents more pride than watching their children accomplish something significant. I’ve watched my own daughter ace storytelling and creative writing as a child, and become an iron-distance triathlete and blow the socks off everyone in a presentation as an adult. Read more

Life in the PR Fast Lane

Andy Likes, Vice President


The life of a PR professional is never dull. Our days are never the same twice and we get to do some pretty fantastic things for our clients. Last Saturday night, I got to experience “Life in the Fast Lane” while doing PR and social media for our client, the 38th Read more