Random Acts of Kindness, Inspired by Dr. King

Random Acts of Kindness: TVG Day of Service

By Patty Olsen, TVG Senior Project Manager

Celebrating Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Day was more than just a single day of giving back to the community where I have lived, worked and flourished. It was an opportunity to model what principled citizenship looks like to my elementary-age son. Read more

TVG’s 2017 Day of Service: St. Patrick Center

What Are You Doing For Others? TVG Day of Service

By Andy Likes, TVG Senior Vice President

For more than 20 years, TVG has been giving back to clients in St. Louis and across the country. When you look at dollars and hours donated over that time, our firm and our employees have given more than $3 Million back to the communities we serve. Read more

Finding Solutions to Violent Crime in St. Louis

Help Reduce Violent Crime in St. Louis

By Donna Vandiver, President & CEO

TVG employees had a day of community service this year on Martin Luther King Day. Over the past several years, TVG has worked closely with the St. Louis Initiative to Reduce Violence (SIRV) to donate our time and services. Read more

Surging Waters: My Community Submerged

Surging Waters: My Community Submerged

By Patty Olsen, TVG Senior Project Manager

On December 29, 2015, floodwaters started moving into my Eureka community at a rate higher than any previous floods in recent history. As a resident, I was fortunate that my only flood story was spending three days at home on an “Island” with no way in or out of our subdivision as the floodwater crept around from all sides. Read more

Open Door, Open Heart

Open Door, Open Heart

By Abbey Theban, TVG Assistant Account Executive

I remember the day we brought my dog home from the animal shelter. We walked into the shelter—dogs were barking loudly, it was smelly and dimly lit, and as an eight-year-old, I remember feeling very overwhelmed. We walked up to a kennel where a small black and white border collie puppy had her nose pressed through the bars, tail wagging furiously, trying with all her might to break down the bars to get to us. Read more

Drink Wine for a Cause

Drink Wine for a Cause

By Andy Likes, TVG Vice President

Since The Vandiver Group was founded more than 23 years ago, we’ve been proud of how much we’ve given back to the communities where we live, work and play. Volunteering is encouraged for every employee, at every level of the company. Our team is especially encouraged to sit on community boards, and over time TVG has donated more than one million dollars in pro bono work to local and regional charities, non-profits and other organizations. Read more

The Impact of the Flood

By Jesse Selz, TVG Graphic Designer

If you haven’t already heard about the current devastation caused by the historic Meramec River flooding in St. Louis that occurred in the days leading up to the New Year, there are endless numbers of articles and online sources that discuss the details. However, this blog will be focused on a micro perspective of this natural disaster, and the personal impact the floodwaters has had on my family and me. Read more