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So, You Want to Start a Blog…

So, You Want to Start a Blog…

By Katie Miller, TVG Account Executive

So, you want to start a blog? If you answered “yes” to this question, chances are you follow several blogs that have made you think, “I want to do that!” Whether they’re about food, travel, fitness, fashion and beauty, or pets, a good blog and an eye-catching aesthetic will make almost any avid reader want to become a blogger themselves.

If you haven’t caught on by now, I am actually describing myself. I have wanted to write my own blog for as long as I can remember! I have gone through trial and error with this process, and am finally here to help you with the keys to starting and maintaining a successful blog. Follow these tips to blog with ease:

1. Find your niche

A good blog has a theme and caters to a specific audience. Some of my favorite blogs are about cooking, fashion, and fitness. Take inspiration for your subject matter from blogs you follow, but put your own spin on it! Finding your blog’s niche involves figuring out what you are passionate about, and writing about it. Maybe you like cooking a certain kind of food, or have fallen in love with a particular form of exercise. Maybe lipstick is your life calling! Whatever it may be, write about something that is exclusively you. Find your topic and target audience before you get started.

2. Put a title on it

Choosing a catchy name for your blog can be one of the hardest tasks to complete. How does one even go about choosing a name for a blog? It is important that your blog’s title reflects your theme and personality. This part of your blog is strictly creative! There are no limits on what your blog title can be (unless it is already taken), so think outside of the box, ask your friends if you need some inspiration, and get to naming.

3. Create your aesthetic

The FUN STUFF. This part involves choosing a web developer and URL, followed by the layout, color scheme, fonts, backgrounds, etc. If you’re a naturally artistic person, this will be your favorite part of creating a blog, and you’ve probably done this already. If you’re not, this step can be daunting. However, there are an endless number of websites that cater to a variety of skill levels for website design. WordPress and Blogger are extremely beginner-friendly, while Wix and Squarespace (my personal favorite) provide a more advanced palette of choices. Regardless of which site you chose, your blog will be beautifully you- so design away!

4. Create a content calendar

It is important that you decide how often you want to post to your blog, and that you post consistently. Creating a calendar of when you want to publish blog posts is a simple way to hold yourself accountable for creating content on a consistent basis. Brainstorm ideas for posts and plan out when you’d like to write them. This way you have an arsenal of content up your sleeve to get your blog off the ground.

5. Content, content, content

Before publishing a blog, it is important that you have at least a month’s worth of content up your sleeve. Having about eight posts to start off with will help your blog gain momentum. Also, keep an idea log. Jot down things that pop into your head throughout the day that prompt you to say, “I could write a blog about that.” This will help combat writer’s block down the line and keep your audience engaged.


There is NO SHAME in a little self-promotion. Utilize social media to get the word about your blog out to the masses. Encourage people to comment and share your posts to draw additional eyes to your site. Posting on social media each time you publish a new post is a great way to build an audience quickly. Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter will help you rake in readers in no time! For the more technologically savvy, utilizing SEO and SEM will draw targeted audiences to your blog. Paid advertisements and keywords will also drive site visits. However you choose to tell the world, be loud and proud about your new blog. After all, you’re worked hard on it!

At TVG, we pride ourselves on creating fresh content and maintaining blogs for our clients. Want to start a blog but need a little help? Tweet us @VandiverGroup, and we will turn your ideas into pixels!



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