January 7, 2019 Heather James

Buzzwords Blog Series, Part 2: Social Media Buzzwords

by TVG Staff

Social media doesn’t have to be intimidating or scary. People use social media to communicate authentically and immediately with audiences. However, there are many words and terms in social media that may be confusing. Here at TVG, we’ve created a glossary of common terms from the world of social media to help bypass the jargon and get the most out of your social channels.

  1. Applications – A software program, often used via mobile as ‘App’ dedicated to a specific program, or tool.
  2. Blog – An online journal of sorts, recording a variety of topics (can be used for business or personal purposes). “Blogging” is the act of writing a blog.
  3. Check-in – For location-capable and apps which allow for GPS data, “check-in” means to indicate your location to your followers.
  4. Clicks – A metric used to measure the amount of traffic a certain link gets. A ‘click’ refers to someone clicking on a link or opening a message.
  5. Facebook – A social media platform created by Mark Zuckerberg to connect with and communicate with other people, businesses and organizations. You can ‘Like’ a page dedicated to an organization or person, and you can ‘Friend’ a person’s unique profile.
  6. Follow – A way to interact with pages or people you want to track, following indicates that you get their posts and activity in a feed.
  7. Friend – The way you connect with another person’s private profile on Facebook, or their status as you have connected.
  8. Hashtag – More commonly known as a pound sign ‘#’, it offers a way to track certain words and phrases across social media platforms to monitor common trends in communication and social buzz.
  9. Hits – A count of the visits to a certain web page or blog. A way to measure how well material is resonating with viewers.
  10. Instagram – a social media platform used to share photos and videos with followers alongside text and hashtags.
  11. LinkedIn – the original social media platform specifically designed for the business professional community.
  12. Newsfeed – the collection of all the activity and posts, shares and retweets of your ‘friends’ or ‘followers’.
  13. Pinterest – a social media page focused for photos, text or video offering a way to catalog ideas and pages including various do it yourself ‘DIY’ projects, fashion blogs, recipe and food sites, and other areas of interest for users.
  14. Retweet – a way to share someone else’s original text with your own group of followers on Twitter.
  15. SEO – (Search Engine Optimization) a way to encourage your text, pages, profiles or sites to be found more readily or easily within search engine results.
  16. Tag – A way to link and refence pages, people or locations in a social media post.
  17. Twitter – a social media platform designed as a micro blog of shorter posts (280 characters) consisting of text, hashtags and photos.
  18. Tweet – The act of sharing or writing a post on Twitter.
  19. Yelp – A social media platform designed as a rating and review system for businesses and organizations.
  20. YouTube – a social media platform designed to share videos and music.

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