Open Door, Open Heart

Open Door, Open Heart By Abbey Theban, TVG Assistant Account Executive I remember the day we brought my dog home from the animal shelter. We walked into the shelter—dogs were barking loudly, it was smelly and dimly lit, and as an eight-year-old, I remember feeling very overwhelmed. We walked up to a kennel where a Read More

The Impact of the Flood

By Jesse Selz, TVG Graphic Designer

If you haven’t already heard about the current devastation caused by the historic Meramec River flooding in St. Louis that occurred in the days leading up to the New Year, there are endless numbers of articles and online sources that discuss the details. However, this blog will be focused on a micro perspective of this natural disaster, and the personal impact the floodwaters has had on my family and me. Read more

The Overlooked Side of Charitable Giving

The Overlooked Side of Charitable Giving By Laura Vandiver, TVG VP of Research & Strategic Insight Having worked with nonprofit organizations for a large portion of my career—both inside and as a board member—I know that it takes a wide variety of resources to keep programs and services going. And in most cases, there is never Read More

Giving Tuesday is the New Black (Friday)

Giving Tuesday is the New Black (Friday) By Melissa Breer, TVG Account Executive For the past several years, Black Friday sales have been starting earlier, with many stores offering sales days before Thanksgiving and stores now opening on Thanksgiving. Giving Tuesday is the New Black (Friday) November 14th, 2017Heather James