Communicating in a Crisis

In these uncertain times, the news on the Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) is changing by the hour.  New cases are announced, new borders are closed, and new health precautions are enacted. Terms like “social distancing” and “quarantine” have become mainstream, while home schooling has an entirely new definition as many schools have closed their doors in Read More

The Business of Storytelling

The Business of Storytelling By Andy Likes, TVG Senior Vice President Over the last 11+ years in PR, I’ve had the opportunity to work with nearly every type of subject matter expert, including doctors, engineers, lawyers, financial planners and everything in between. One thing is certain with subject matter experts- they know their job and Read More

The Art and Science of the Exhibit Hall: Presentation Skills for Conferences

Presentation Skills for Conferences By Andy Likes, TVG Vice President How many of you have been to a conference in the last year? You probably remember lots of helpful breakout sessions and keynote speakers you’d love to hear again. Now what about the exhibit hall? The Art and Science of the Exhibit Hall: Presentation Skills Read More

Why is Corporate Reputation So Important?

Corporate Reputation By Donna Vandiver, President & CEO At TVG we do a lot of crisis communications work, so we are constantly assessing the damage a crisis can do to a client’s reputation and image. Why is Corporate Reputation So Important? November 14th, 2017Heather James

Corporate Lingo: Don’t Let Buzzwords Dominate Your Vocabulary

Corporate Lingo By Laura Vandiver, TVG VP of Research & Strategic Insight As an anthropologist, I am often keenly aware not only of how people behave in various situations, but what they say. Different social groups often have very specific linguistic styles. For instance, take my triathlon club. Unless you are actively training for a Read More