What Coronavirus Means for your E-commerce Business

As a partner of PROI Worldwide, TVG has access to hundreds of other PR professionals across the globe. One of our partners in Thailand, Midas PR, is a guest on our blog today. Read below what the coronavirus means for those with e-commerce business. As the coronavirus continues to spread and wreak havoc on businesses Read More

PROI Worldwide Global Summit: Recap

PROI Worldwide Global Summit: A Recap By Andy Likes, TVG Vice President What happens when you gather more than 80 of the top PR agencies from around the world and put their top executives in a room together for four days? PROI Worldwide Global Summit: Recap September 20th, 2017Heather James

Want a New Perspective? Take a Trip!

Want a New Perspective? Take a Trip! By Laura Vandiver, TVG Vice President of Research and Strategic Insight I love learning about other cultures—it’s the cultural anthropologist in me. So when I was given the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica in November to meet with some of our national and international public relations partners, Read More