The Impact of the Flood

By Jesse Selz, TVG Graphic Designer

If you haven’t already heard about the current devastation caused by the historic Meramec River flooding in St. Louis that occurred in the days leading up to the New Year, there are endless numbers of articles and online sources that discuss the details. However, this blog will be focused on a micro perspective of this natural disaster, and the personal impact the floodwaters has had on my family and me.

At the end of 2015, it was announced that all TVG employees would choose a charity for a day of service on MLK day in 2016. Before the year was over, I had no idea that my community service time would be spent ripping out walls, drying wet panels and installing ventilation in my own home.

I moved into my brother’s house in Pacific, Missouri around September of 2015. At that time, he had recently finished four and a half years of total reconstruction and remodeling. It was a cute two bedroom, one bathroom cozy home on Second St.—just a block away from the Pacific Brew House.

safe for re-entryUnfortunately, we only had a few days to evacuate when the storm hit. My brother and I took what we could with us and moved in with other family members.

We are so grateful to have a roof over our heads, and support from friends, loved ones and many generous people in Pacific who have offered us help or supplies. But, it’s been heartbreaking to witness the damage that has happened to the local businesses, the homes and families who became victims to this natural disaster.

The waters rose to waist level and left our home in a state of disarray. Even though it’s just one day out of many more to come, I’m very thankful TVG gave me the opportunity to donate my time to work on repairing the house.


If you’d like to help people affected by the flood, please visit Donate to the Red Cross Flood Relief Efforts or text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to make a $10 donation.


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