November 3, 2015 Heather James

Top 10 Reasons Introverts Like Cats

Top 10 Reasons Introverts Like Cats

By Patty Olsen, TVG Senior Project Manager

I was thinking recently about my introverted tendencies, and how my cat truly understands them. Cats have a range of interesting behaviors that are appealing to introverts. Not convinced? Consider the following:

cat and person

1. You don’t have to take cats for a walk and then talk to everyone you meet on the way. Dog people talk. A lot. And then their dogs have to play together, too. Who has time for that?

2. Cats prefer to retreat to a quiet area. You can find me in the back of the room, too.

3. They think before they act. Just watch a cat stalk their prey before they pounce.

4. Having a few moments of silence and reflection is the best part of the day.

5. Cats don’t require constant interaction. They let you know when they need something. When will someone invent a networking event for introverts?

6. Deep, inner thoughts are important to cats. Who knows, they could be plotting to kill us in our sleep, but they’re so cute we don’t care.

7. Cats have many ideas; however, they aren’t shared with the rest of the world. I’m looking at you, social media oversharers.

8. Cats know they are better than dogs, and they show it by paying no attention to them.

9. It’s been a busy day, too tired to come up with a reason for number 9. Let’s take a nap in a sunny spot instead.

10. This is the purrrfect excuse to include a cat picture on a blog post. You’re welcome.

cat nose close up

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