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"The Vandiver Group can bring a level of expertise to your company in a way that makes you feel very comfortable that they are engaged with you, and they want to see you succeed."

"What makes TVG special is their ability to create solutions for new and emerging problems, and your understanding that you are dealing with an organization that has over two decades of remarkable experience."

"I've heard many people comment that when they are working with The Vandiver Group, they feel like they are the only client they have."

"They have a set of tools, resources and processes that are useful from the smallest communication issues to the biggest you could think of."

"TVG is not about copying what everyone else has done. What they do better than anyone else is create next practices."

"Vandiver Group doesn't have this "one size fits all" model."

" My personal experience with The Vandiver Group has been exceptional. It started with the foundation of trusting each other."


The Vandiver Group Blog

  • Happy Birthday, Prince George: Royal Baby Media Frenzy Part 2

    I think I’ve found a solution to get an overwhelming amount of media coverage in every outlet across the world…have a royal baby. Prince George has become the most popular baby on Earth, and the world media has followed him and thoroughly documented his first year. From first steps to first birthday, the Prince’s milestones   more…

  • What I Learned in Kindergarten – And the Importance of Lifelong Learning

    By: Patty Olsen, Senior Account Executive It’s a very exciting time in your life when your child starts Kindergarten.  First day of school, first bus ride, first day in class, gym, art, music and of course- the favorite part of the day- recess! Some days it’s easier to pry information from your kindergartner about what   more…

  • Women in the Workplace-Reflections on Recent Media Discussions

    By: Donna Vandiver, President and CEO In some ways it seems we have made progress on gender issues in the workplace. Yet in reviewing current media discourse, I’m reminded of the phrase—the more things change, the more they stay the same. Recently, Matt Lauer of the Today Show asked Mary Barra, the CEO of General   more…

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