What Coronavirus Means for your E-commerce Business

As a partner of PROI Worldwide, TVG has access to hundreds of other PR professionals across the globe. One of our partners in Thailand, Midas PR, is a guest on our blog today. Read below what the coronavirus means for those with e-commerce business. As the coronavirus continues to spread and wreak havoc on businesses Read More

The Power of Public Speaking

By Andy Likes, Senior Vice President, The Vandiver Group It’s one of those things that’s typically not on someone’s bucket list; get up in front of an audience and “say a few words.”  There mere thought of public speaking creates anxiety and strikes fear into the hearts of most people.  In fact, it’s one of Read More

PROI Worldwide Global Summit: Recap

PROI Worldwide Global Summit: A Recap By Andy Likes, TVG Vice President What happens when you gather more than 80 of the top PR agencies from around the world and put their top executives in a room together for four days? PROI Worldwide Global Summit: Recap September 20th, 2017Heather James

Want a New Perspective? Take a Trip!

Want a New Perspective? Take a Trip! By Laura Vandiver, TVG Vice President of Research and Strategic Insight I love learning about other cultures—it’s the cultural anthropologist in me. So when I was given the opportunity to travel to Costa Rica in November to meet with some of our national and international public relations partners, Read More