Internal Company Newsletters – What Do Your Employees Want to Know?

by TVG Staff Employees like to be in the know when it comes to their company. Having an internal newsletter can help employees feel valued and increase productivity in the workplace. Here are a few things that are helpful to include in an internal company newsletter: Company News What has the company been up to? Read More

Communications Audits Explained: Part 2 – Communication Strategy

By TVG Staff So, you’re re-thinking your company’s communications strategy. Let’s say that you started with the social media audit, but now it’s time to consider other things to make your efforts more successful and achieve the goals you’ve outlined for your communications strategy. Meetings, emails, calls, texts and press releases can all be part Read More

TVG Celebrates 25th Anniversary

Changes over the years In the winter of 1998, most of the world was buzzing about the ongoing Winter Olympic Games being held in Nagano, Japan. But the Vandiver Group was buzzing with a different sort of news—the first community newsletter, Updates, had been written and printed for distribution. At the Olympics, the U.S. took Read More

The Interview: Part 1 – You, the Interviewer

The Video Interview Part One: You, the Interviewer by Rich McEwen, TVG Media Specialist Whether you’re interviewing a Fortune 500 CEO or a local spelling bee champion, good interviewing skills are vital. A clear and concise story is the goal for both the interviewer and interviewee. In part one I will share some of my Read More

Celebrate “Silly” Questions Every Day, but Especially This Week

Celebrate “Silly” Questions By Donna Vandiver, President & CEO According to Parade magazine, September 28 is “Ask a Stupid Question” day. When Marilyn vos Savant was asked if there was such a thing as a stupid question, she replied, “Yes”. Celebrate “Silly” Questions Every Day, but Especially This Week November 14th, 2017Heather James

Millennial and Baby Boomer Share Office Space, Hilarity Ensues

Baby Boomers vs. Millennials By Patty Olsen, TVG Senior Project Manager and Baby Boomer We hear a lot about Millennials in the media these days, but not so much what it’s like to work next to one. From my perspective as a Baby Boomer, it seems we have plenty to learn from one another. Millennial Read More

10 Things You Need to Know If You Work with Millennials

Working with Millennials: 10 Things to Know By Abbey Theban, TVG Account Executive As a millennial in the communications field, I know how much every brand, organization and corporation wants to get inside our heads. 10 Things You Need to Know If You Work with Millennials November 14th, 2017Heather James

Corporate Lingo: Don’t Let Buzzwords Dominate Your Vocabulary

Corporate Lingo By Laura Vandiver, TVG VP of Research & Strategic Insight As an anthropologist, I am often keenly aware not only of how people behave in various situations, but what they say. Different social groups often have very specific linguistic styles. For instance, take my triathlon club. Unless you are actively training for a Read More

Top 10 Reasons Introverts Like Cats

Top 10 Reasons Introverts Like Cats By Patty Olsen, TVG Senior Project Manager I was thinking recently about my introverted tendencies, and how my cat truly understands them. Cats have a range of interesting behaviors that are appealing to introverts. Top 10 Reasons Introverts Like Cats September 20th, 2017Heather James